Class / Club Logos

Class/Club logos.
On this page will be examples of what can be embroidered.   These images are of class/club logos.
An example of Crazy Hazy's Sidekickers logo
This has been done on a fleece jacket, on the back in Turquoise.
Can also be done on t-shirts, and hoodies, in any colour.

The Crazy Crew
Not a class, nor a club, but just a group of friends who like to sit together and enjoy our common interest.
The top logo is on a navy t-shirt, and the bottom one on a black tshirt, but can be done in different colours and has been put on different t-shirts and jackets.
Rep's Rebel Roses
Looks lovely on a pink blouse.   Rose is always red, the stem and outlines of the rose is done in white or another colour to stand out against black t-shirts or jackets.   The wording can change depending on what people want.
Another of Rep's Classes, the lovely Renegades.  Rep designed these logos himself, and they were then turned into beautiful logos.    These are on the back of t shirts.   Can be done in any colour.  

Lorna's Jazz Boxes
Helen's Smile 'n' Dance