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Script for Spread It

Spread It!



Position:                        32 count, cw, 3 wall dance  (12.00,3.00,6.00)

Choreographer:             Crazy Hazy (Hazel Farquhar) April 2003

Music:                           Spread A Little Love Around, Darryl Worley




Count                           Steps


                                    Right point, together, point, kick, right shuffle, left point, together, point,

kick, left shuffle

1&2&                            Point R to right, touch R to L, point R to right, kick R to right

3&4                              Shuffle to right, stepping R, L ,R

5&6&                            Point L to left, touch L to R, point L to left, kick L to left

7&8                              Shuffle to left, stepping L, R, L


                                    Mambo forward, ½ turn shuffle, jazz box cross, side rock cross

9&10                             Rock forward onto R, step L in place, step R beside L

11&12                           ½ turn left shuffle, stepping L, R, L

13&14&                         Cross R over L, step back on L, step R to right, cross L over R

15&16                           Rock R to right side, recover onto L, cross R over L


                                    Mambo back, step ½ turn, cross rock ¼ right, left shuffle

17&18                           Rock back onto L, step R in place, step L beside R

19,20                            Step forward onto R, ½ turn over left shoulder, stepping onto L

21&22                           Cross rock R over L, step L in place, ¼ turn right stepping onto R

23&24                           Shuffle forward on L, stepping L, R, L


                                    Toe heel toe kick, right coaster, toe heel toe kick, left coaster

25&26&                         Touch R toe to L, touch R heel to L, touch R toe to L, kick R to right

27&28                           Step back on R, step L next to R, step R forward

29&30&                         Touch L toe to R, touch L heel to R, touch L toe to R, kick L to left

31&32                           Step back on L, step R next to L, step L forward


start again



2 restarts, music will tell you, it’s the instrumental bits.  Both times facing the 6.00 wall, dance only the first 16 counts (replacing count 16 (cross R over L) with ‘touch R to L’, restarting the dance from count 1 facing 12.00



Choreographers note:

Written to celebrate 1st Anniversary of Crazy Hazy’s Sidekickers in Arbroath.  Dedicated to the class dancers with thanks for their patience and support over the past year.  If more people were to spread a little love around, the world would be a nicer place. 

Special thanks to Alan who is the No 1 ‘spreader’ and Sidekicker!