0. Virtual All Class Dances

 Can’t control my
 One 2 go Nowhere tonight One 2 go Not that kind of
 My bar React
 React Crystal touch Lonely blues Crystal touchOcean 3 to tango Red is the rose
 Red is the rose Hot mama p Sod off home WintergreenWillpower Darling that’s the
 In comes the
 In comes the
Hey now  Wave on wave Touch of MexicoDance on my
 Blood sweat and
 Get wild
 Get wild  Made you miss Kacey’s moon Lonely bluesFloor it Shot of tequila  One 2 go
 Morning sun Wintergreen Half past tipsy Half past tipsyWagon wheel rock Clueless Crystal touch
 Sweet attraction Touch of Mexico Adalaida Nothing but you Don’t hurt Hot mama p
 The show  Pretty Girl Miss
 AdalaidaCherry bomb A little more time Stomp down
 Vanotak cha People are crazy World for two CodigoEverybody but you Stitch it up Hey now
 Home to Donegal Come dance
   with me
 Codigo Bonaparte’s
 Cooler than cool Made you miss
 Where we’ve
 I close my eyes Shakatak Wintergreen
 Let’s get physical  Closer Pocket of hearts  Knockin’ boots Touch of Mexico
   Off the beaten
 Shaky   Lonely blues
   Come here u Champagne
   Sod off home
   Quarter after one  Kansas City   Kacey’s moon
   Don’t touch Playboys   Bonaparte’s
   Crazy foot
 Tell the world   Pocket of hearts
    Blue night cha   Shaky
    Jack Daniels on
    Naked in Spanish    Ocean
    Gin & tonic   Willpower
    Gone west   What a man
   gotta do
    Never gonna
   grow up
   3 to tango
    Black horse    Stitch it up
    Till it ends   Cooler than cool
       Chill factor
       Faith, hope and
       I’ve been waiting
       Midland cha
       World of blue
       Sweet surrender