Virtual dances done 2020/21

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1Can't control your feetNeville & Julie23/03/2020
2ReactGary O’Reilly23/03/2020
3Half past tipsyMaddison  & Rachael24/03/2020
4AdalaidaGary O’Reilly24/03/2020
5Miss CongenialityJulie & Sebastiaan24/03/2020
6One 2 goKate & Robbie25/03/2020
7WintergreenMaggie Gallagher25/03/2020
8PlayboysKarl Harry Winson25/03/2020
9Soul shakeFred Whitehouse26/03/2020
10Darling that's the truth!Gary O’Reilly26/03/2020
11Hey now!Gary O’Reilly26/03/2020
12Red is the roseGary O’Reilly30/03/2020
13In comes the nightRia Vos30/03/2020
14Crystal touchClaire & Maddison01/04/2020
15Hot mama pRob Fowler02/04/2020
16Blood sweat and beerKarl & Jonas02/04/2020
17Get wildMaddison & Jo06/04/2020
18Morning sunRobbie McG Hickie06/04/2020
19Nowhere tonightMichelle Risley07/04/2020
20Lonely bluesRachael McEnaney07/04/2020
21Sod off homeLesley Stewart07/04/2020
22Wave on waveAlan Birchall07/04/2020
23Kacey's moonMathew Sinyard07/04/2020
24I close my eyesHazel Pace08/04/2020
25Pocket of heartsMaggie Gallagher08/04/2020
26What a man gotta doRia Vos09/04/2020
27ShakyGary Lafferty15/04/2020
28Gone westGary O’Reilly15/04/2020
29Dance on my islandGary & Shane15/04/2020
30Floor itRob Fowler15/04/2020
31My barKate Sala16/04/2020
32Vanotek ChaGary O’Reilly20/04/2020
33Stomp downFred Whitehouse20/04/2020
34This is meYvonne Anderson20/04/2020
35World for twoGary O’Reilly21/04/2020
36CodigoPat Stott21/04/2020
37Naked in spanishRep Ghazali-Meaney22/04/2020
38Champagne promiseTina Argyle22/04/2020
39OceanCarrie Ann Earl22/04/2020
403 to tangoPeter & Alison23/04/2020
411Home to DonegalHeather & Niels27/04/2020
42Made you missMichelle Risley27/04/2020
43Pretty girlGary & Maggie27/04/2020
44Touch of MexicoDaniel Whittaker27/04/2020
45Bonaparte's retreatMaddison Glover28/04/2020
46Kansas cityRobbie McG Hickie29/04/2020
47Gin & tonicKate & Robbie29/04/2020
48Wagon wheel rockYvonne Anderson29/04/2020
49Shot of tequilaFred Whitehouse30/04/2020
50Sweet attractionDee Kate & Shelley04/05/2020
51The ShowGuillaume & Debbie08/06/2020
52CloserMary Kelly05/05/2020
53Jack Daniels on iceGraham Mitchell06/05/2020
54Not that kind of girlJamie Barnfield06/05/2020
55CluelessDaniel & Tina07/05/2020
56Off the beaten trackGary O’Reilly12/05/2020
57Never Gonna Grow Up!Gary O’Reilly13/05/2020
58WillpowerRobbie McG Hickie13/05/2020
59Don't hurtKarl & Kate14/05/2020
60Come here uYvonne Anderson19/05/2020
61Quarter After OneLevi J Hubbard19/05/2020
62Tell the worldRobbie McG Hickie20/05/2020
63Blue night chaKim Ray20/05/2020
64Nothing but youDarren Bailey20/05/2020
65Cooler than coolNiels Poulsen21/05/2020
66Stitch it upRobbie McG Hickie24/05/2020
67Chill factorDaniel & Hayley25/05/2020
682Faith, hope and loveFred, Darren & Jose25/05/2020
69StarlightKate & Robbie28/05/2020
70I've  Been WaitingRobert Lindsay28/05/2020
71A Little more timeStephen McIntosh29/05/2020
72Where we've beenLana Harvey Winson01/06/2020
73People Are CrazyGaye Teather01/06/2020
743Don't TouchGudrun Schneider02/06/2020
75Black HorseKate Sala03/06/2020
76Cherry BombRob Fowler03/06/2020
77ShakatakKate Sala04/06/2020
78World of BlueMarie Sorensen09/06/2020
79Sweet SurrenderChris Hodgson10/06/2020
804Let's get PhysicalKarl & Lucy15/06/2020
81Come Dance With MeJo Thompson Szymanski15/06/2020
82Crazy Foot MamboPaul McAdam15/06/2020
83Till It EndsEddie Morrison17/06/2020
845Everybody But YouMyra Harrold17/06/2020
856Knockin' BootsStephen McIntosh18/06/2020
867Have MercyHeather & Gregory22/06/2020
878Nothing Good Happens After MidnightLesley Stewart30/06/2020
88A Crying ShameRobbie McG Hickie02/07/2020
89Best FriendGuye & Jose06/07/2020
90The Koi BoysIvonne, Kate, Daniel, Jonas & Guiseppe06/07/2020
91Sweet HurtRia Vos07/07/2020
92American MadeDarren & Rob09/07/2020
939HardyDarren Bailey13/07/2020
9410Can't Change MeYvonne Anderson15/07/2020
9511Pick Her UpDarren Bailey15/07/2020
96Dans Le TangoPat Stott16/07/2020
9712Lovin on YouAndrina Faulds21/07/2020
9813JerusalemaAlison & Colin22/07/2020
9914Love You NowMaggie Gallagher23/07/2020
10015Great UnknownMaggie Gallagher27/07/2020
10116Cowboy TruthHeather Barton27/07/2020
102Locklins BarMaggie Gallagher28/07/2020
10317Love You ChaGrace David29/07/2020
10418Rock This TownTina Argyle29/07/2020
10519Southern DreamsMaddison Glover30/07/2020
10620Wrong DirectionGudrun Schneider10/08/2020
10721A Man Is In LoveGary & Maggie10/08/2020
10822Soak Up The SunMaggie Gallagher11/08/2020
10923LettersBrian McCorkell12/08/2020
11024Lovin you is funDaniel & Jose19/08/2020
11125Heartaches GaloreYvonne & Myra20/08/2020
11226Do Si Do (Doh-seee-doh)Rachael McEnaney24/08/2020
11327So EasilyKim Ray24/08/2020
114Mile Shy of ParadiseGaye Teather25/08/2020
11528BumblebeeWillie Brown 31/08/2020
116Raggle Taggle Gypsy OMaggie Gallagher01/09/2020
11729Love Like A SymphonyJeff & Grace02/09/2020
118Heartbreak ExpressPeter Metelnick02/09/2020
11930Pick Up Your PhoneNiels Poulsen08/09/2020
12031Amarillo SunriseTina Argyle10/09/2020
121Kill the spidersGaye Teather15/09/2020
122Smokey placesMichele Perron16/09/2020
12332Five togetherDirk, Gudrun, Sascha, Silvia & Tobias16/09/2020
12433Beautiful MadnessMaggie Gallagher21/09/2020
12534Let's Get TrashedLesley Stewart21/09/2020
12635Little Less BrokenMaddison Glover24/09/2020
127A Better ManKim Ray05/10/2020
12836Vaya Con DiosVikki Morris07/10/2020
129Silver ThreadsJules Langstaff15/10/2020
13037One Too ManyNeville & Julie19/10/2020
13138We Were Swingin'Lesley Stewart19/10/2020
13239DoneDarren Bailey20/10/2020
13340It's Party TimeRoy & Daniel21/10/2020
13441I've Seen It AllGary O’Reilly21/10/2020
135Throw Away The KeyAlison & Peter22/10/2020
136Islands In The StreamKaren Jones27/10/2020
137Let It SwingLesley Stewart28/10/2020
13842Cyber RemixFred & Shane02/11/2020
13943ShovelGudrun & Heather02/11/2020
14044Down South In New OrleansIvonne & JP03/11/2020
141Some BeachRobbie McG Hickie05/11/2020
14245Standing TallMichelle Risley17/11/2020
143A Double WhiskeyGary O’Reilly18/11/2020
144Everything I haveGary & Maggie23/11/2020
145Better When I'm DancingJulia Wetzel24/11/2020
146My Middle NameWillie Brown & Niels Pousen25/11/2020
147My New LifeJohn Offermans30/11/2020
148Don't Feel Like DancingPat Stott01/12/2020
149Caught In The ActAnn Wood03/12/2020
150Power Over MeRoy, Annette & Jeff07/12/2020
151ToesRachael McEnaney08/12/2020
152Speak To The SkyKeith Davies14/12/2020
153We're AliveMasters In Line04/01/2021
154Before The DevilAlan Birchall04/01/2021
155California BlueJean Bridgeman05/01/2021
156Fly Like A BirdHedy McAdams06/01/2021
157Side By SidePat Stott06/01/2021
158Just A KissRobbie McG Hickie07/01/2021
159I Can't Be BotheredTeresa & Vera12/01/2021
160Walk Back To MePeter & Alison20/01/21
161Fly HighMaggie Gallagher20/01/21
162Oklahoma WindGaye Teather21/01/21
163Mack The KnifeRachael McEnaney26/01/21
164Fields Of GoldLois Lightfoot27/01/21
165Til ForeverAudrey Watson27/01/21
16646Drink Drank DrunkRachael McEnaney01/02/21
16747I’m Crazy About HerLesley Stewart02/02/21
168PizziriccoDynamite Dot02/02/21
169It HurtsKathy Chang & Sue Hsu04/02/21
17048Makes Me WonderHeather Barton08/02/21
17149SaltMisuk La & Alexis Strong15/02/21
172Take A BreatherMaggie Gallagher17/02/21
17350Quit The ShowRoy Verdonk & Jeff Camps22/02/21
174East To WestLarry Hayden25/02/21
175Spirit In The SkyAudrey Watson02/03/21
176Be StrongAudrey Watson03/03/21
177Whiskey SmoothAndrea Atkinson & Ryan King03/03/21
178Lay LowDarren Bailey09/03/21
17951Sundown SwingDarren, Elaine, Rob & ICE10/03/21
180The FluteMaggie Gallagher10/03/21
18152Rollin’ HomeLesley Stewart15/03/21
18253Truth Be ToldMaddison Glover29/03/21
18354I Got YouDarren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse29/03/21
18455Where Oh WhereJo Thompson Szymanski30/03/21
18556The CaptainJosh Talbot31/03/21
18657Fields Of AthenryMaggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly31/03/21
187Walk With MeRob Fowler01/04/21
18858Something RealGudrun Schneider08/04/21
18959We’ll Go DancingWillie Brown & John Robinson19/04/21
19060I’m On FireYvonne Anderson19/04/21
19161Weekend VibesKarl Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield20/04/2021
19262Never Forget YouDee Musk21/04/2021
19363Cowboy HumbleMyra Harrold21/04/2021
19464Pardon Me!Pat Stott22/04/2021
19565Woke Up In Love With YouYvonne Anderson & Ira Weisburg12/05/2021
19666Muddy Water HealingMaddison Glover & Adrian Lefebour12/05/2021
19767Good To GoScott Blevins17/05/2021
19868Sun On A Black SkyJosh Talbot17/05/2021
19969You Asked Me ToGary Lafferty18/05/2021
20070Don't Fence Me InWil Bos20/05/2021
20171Livin' On EmptyEddie Morrison26/05/2021
20272You Can Hear A Heart BreakNina Skyrud & Cato Larsen01/06/2021
20373I Am DrunkWil Bos & Jose MB Vane21/06/2021
20474Blue Jean BabyJulie Lockton & Sebastiaan Holtland22/06/2021
20575My BestieColin Ghys & Jose MB Vane23/06/2021
20676Bring Down The HouseStephane Cormier & Denis Henley24/06/2021
20777She CaresNiels Poulsen28/06/2021
20878Going Going GoneMaddison Glover30/06/2021
20979Missing PieceLinda Burgess07/07/2021
21080Same BoatRachael McEnaney08/07/2021
21181Kind To MeGary O'Reilly15/07/2021
21282Bad habitsMaggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly19/07/2021
21383UnfamiliarMyra Harrold19/07/2021
21484What A Song Can DoHeather Barton & Andrew Hayes21/07/2021
21585Dance Before You Leave MeMaggie Gallagher21/07/2021
21686Into The Dark NightVikki Moris28/07/2021
 217     86 Cyber DropFred Whitehouse Shane McKeever  16/08/2021
 218 87 Bottom Of The OceanDiana Dawson 16/08/2021
 219 88 Train WreckNiels Poulsen 24/08/2021
 220 89 Northern SpiritCarolyn Jurek,Rob Fowler & ICE 26/08/2021
 221  Going Going Gone Maddison Glover 30/08/2021